Haven’t posted on here in ages, but just wrapped a series of short video profiling some of the best radio/podcast storytellers.

Here they all are for your binging pleasure.

Long live radio.

A little video I made with the help of the talented Scott Pommier about making baseball bats.

"It’s just an expansion of the high school road trip. You got your drivers license and you’re heading out into the unknown." —Jonathan Mehring

The Photographer Series tells the stories behind some of skateboardings most epic images and the dudes who made them.

Filmed and edited by Andrew Norton

John Cardiel, Toronto. December 2012.

John Cardiel, Toronto. December 2012.

The story I made for this awesome radio show called 99% Invisible just went live. It’s the story of Love Park and how skateboarding influences design and architecture and vice versa. And it’s got audio of a 92 year old skating for the first time—gold.

Mike Blabac narrates this audio slideshow of some of his favourite photos from Love Park

Grant Brittain and Mike Blabac share their thoughts on Instagram

I got to chat with the legendary John Cardiel over the weekend. He was a good sport with my dumb questions, but it was pretty powerful when he told me about the response to his Epicly Later’d series.

Here’s a video I made for Vancouver’s Union Wood Co. They make awesome things from salvaged wood and sell weird, old stuff in their shop. I like it.

The last of this batch of The Photographer Series. Featuring DC’s Mike Blabac.